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Live Online Demonstration!

Call or email us to schedule a live demonstration.  We can show you in more depth what CID Practice Management can do for you and your office!

If you are interested please call 1-866-353-0249 or Email us at

CID Practice Management is a tool designed for managing your accounting firm.
  • Effectively manage your time, clients, employees, taxes, production & more...
  • Provides critical tools to better manage your accounting and tax practice so that you know exactly the status of key issues at any time.
With this program you will be in a position for the first time to actually see the more critical areas of your practice in "real time".  Just a few of the questions that this program will answer includes:
  • Which clients are being properly serviced, and which ones need attention?
  • Which employees are performing up to standard, and which ones are not?
  • Which clients are being charged properly, and which ones are under priced?
  • What is the status of income tax returns, specifically for those that sent in their information?
  • Which clients are falling behind in production, and which ones are current?
  • Which clients are we waiting for information on, and which ones do we have?
  • What payroll tax obligations have been forwarded to clients, and which ones not?
  • Which clients have we recently made meaningful contact with, and which ones not?

     Steve & Carol Ford have owned and operated an accounting practice for 30 years.  Chris Ford has worked with them for the past 8 years.  Just like many other accounting firms we were managing our own firm with numerous spreadsheets, which became overly cumbersome.  Besides the inherent weakness that comes from relying on spreadsheets to manage multiple facets of an accounting practice, each employee started to make design changes in their own versions of what was supposed to be standard spreadsheets, which ultimately created problems when consolidating these spreadsheets for the whole office. Instead of one design, we eventually had so many different formats that the value of the information as a whole diminished. This became more problematic as we increasingly relied on them for management tools, such as client fee reviews, production status of monthly bookkeeping, tracking of income tax returns, the receipt of incoming client information, to mention just a few.

     The development of this program was originally created for our internal purposes only. It was used and developed for 6 years on a daily basis by managers, accountants, and bookkeepers in our office that do the same thing you do every day. However, as other accounting firms became aware of its benefits, and showed increasing interest, we decided to make it available to others 3 years ago. With the investment of considerable programming time, as well as time spent testing in our office over these past years, it seemed only logical to make it available to other firms. In addition to the many benefits of the program, we have numerous enhancements currently in the planning stages. And as more firms use CID, they will in turn make requests for enhancements that should further expand the program features. Therefore, we envision even greater benefits from this program for its users going forward.

     We think you will truly like what you see with CID, and will be impressed with the amount of information that you will have at your fingertips, something that we all need and want, but always seems to be just beyond your grasp.